Yoga Teacher, Body-mind Therapist

Founding director of Awakening Arts - Ecocentric and humanistic, registered school of yoga and somatic therapies.

Curating whole-self integrative environments on a one-to-one and group basis.


She was like soft water, wet like rain. Insanely beautiful from her feet to her brain. Except when she wasn't. But even then, still... Like you, she was star dust and ocean. Forgetfulness and devotion.


*Whole-self integrative environment implies the curation of space whereby participants/clients and facilitator enter the healing notion that we are whole unto ourselves and at the same time intricately interwoven into the great whole. There is no waste, no fault, no defect, no good or bad and none to judge. Inseparable from dark, undoubtably light and all that streams between is understood to be available to all within the human happening. An environment cast with this understanding allows the wisdom of the personal soma to interact spontaneously in flow with impetus of 'the body of the world'. 

The return, again, of the flow of life back to the body of the world



Juliette's Qualifications

  • E-RYT500

  • Certified Embodied Flow™ Facilitator

  • Zenthai Shiatsu Practitioner

  • Yoni Mapping Therapist

  • Psychosomatic Therapist

  • Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapist (in training)

Juliette's Experience

  • Over a decade of personal yoga practise, over 1500 hours of registered training with internationally acclaimed teachers, countless classes delivered - private / group / festivals / workshops etc.

  • Assistant to over 1000hrs of Body work and Yoga teacher trainings.

  • The creation and facilitation of multiple workshops on topics such as : Introduction to Yoga, Yoga and bodywork for the seasons, Introduction to Embodied Flow™ yoga, Introduction to meditation - The rebels doorway, Temple of Touch - Sensual Embodiment Training for Women

  • Hands on bodies with Therapeutic touch from 2012 onwards through Zenthai Shiatsu and from 2016 Yoni Mapping Therapy.

  • 'Creative ways of making space' / Pelvic awareness and internal work for birth with Jenny Blythe and Fiona Hellinan (2012)

  • Involvement in birth work as a Doula since 2012


Teachers, mentors, guides

The Teachers, the poets, the thought leaders, the artists, the gurus, the 'bodies of work' that fertilise the soil of her soul are:

Shri Ramana Maharashi, Mooji Baba, Ananadamayi ma, Adyashanti, Pema Chodron

Dr Scott Lyons, Tara Judelle, Myra Avedon Carlos Pomeda, Gwyn Williams, Emily Kuser

Embodied flow™ yoga, Body mind centring, Tantric philosophy, Hatha yoga, Transpersonal psychology, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, 

Dr Christiane Northrup, Inna May, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Susun Weed

Joanna Macy, David Whyte, Bill PlotkinJohn O'Donohue, Mary Oliver.