Juliette McConachy




Embodied Flow™ Yoga : Classes + Workshops + Yoga Teacher Training

Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapy (in training)

Therapeutic Touch : Zenthai Shiatsu for every body,

and Pelvic Health Care for body/being of woman.

Online Calls for Wellness Support.

Juliette is available throughout Australia and Aotearoa.

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I’m on Team YOu

One to one support in times of challenge

Walking our selves back into the world during/post challenge is a daunting affair. If you are ready to resource support this a excellent sign you are walking the path forward to remembering and re-inhabiting your wholeness.

Utilising a multitude of wellness therapies, Juliette provides one to one support online for humans looking for deep meaning and growth in challenging times.

These Skype calls are priced to be accessible so that you can receive the benefit of regular support.

Each of us needs/deserves/ought to celebrate the possibility for support. If its an option for I say grab it with both hands. Click the link below and follow the prompts to book your initial Skype session. I look forward to joining team you :)



Therapeutic touch

Touch signals to the body we are not alone. Compassionate, attentive touch informs the cells they are supported. A supported body can relax. In relaxation flow can be nourished and redirected for healing.

Work in person with Juliette in Golden Bay, one of the most stunning destinations in New Zealand! If you’re not local, you might choose to make a holiday of it and soak deep this invitation for healing.




 Embodied Flow™ 200hr Yoga Teacher Training GOlden Bay : New Zealand

November 21st - December 18th 2019

If you love this earth, if you love people and know the ache and beauty of being one,

If you want to fortify your capacity to be there for yourself and others on this exhilarating and humbling journey,

To catalyse creativity, wisdom, playfulness, relaxation, strength, joy

in the lives of many,

Then you will feel nourished by the teachings of this training,

By the people who assemble to join the journey,

By the location

And by the relationship you build with yourself, whom forever is with you.

 Perhaps The world is conspiring for your awakening