Juliette McConachy

‘Embodiment Therapy’

This approach to therapy brings us out of analysing and into sensing, feeling and action within our living bodies.

This therapy invites you to discover and build your capacity to be with the sensations of the body and to identify and follow the impulses for healing innate to your physicality so that your body may move you back into relationship with the whole.

Life is movement. The movement we are seeks to cycle to unfurl - release - complete/dissolve - resource - renew.

It the yoga traditions it is understood as Bhrama - Visnu - Shiva : Creation - Maintenance -Dissolution.

If you’ve tried traditional talk therapies working with words but not the body, you may have found they can support you so far but still some things still don’t shift in the deepest layers of you. With a somatic guide calling you into your felt experience the possibility to unlock and finally move back into flow becomes available.

You will find, when you sense inwards, that there are healing pathways, shapes and movements within you that beckon your attention. Some times its a simple as following these.

Drawing from multiple body-based studies and qualifications, Juliette provides this ‘Embodiment therapy’ in a trauma aware, safe and insightful atmosphere either in person or online.

work together from anywhere

in the world via Skype


$700/block of ten sessions to be used over 6months

$63 for students/concession or pension card holders.

(prices in Australian dollars)


This is for you IF…

You are working in high stress environments and want support maintaining your equilibrium.

You work as support for others, in hospital settings, as a therapist, a school teacher/yoga teacher etc and need space for your own support, reflection and transformation.

You’re stepping into new depths in your career or relationship and want to build capacity to show up as best you can without negative self critique, without holding back or sabotaging.

You suffer from chronic pain/illness or on going discomfort in your body.

You suffer anxiety, depression. If you feel alone, lost, broken, disconnected from the world.

You simply want a more full and calm and present life, un-afraid to be here just as perfectly imperfect as you are.

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